Information support

This section is targeted at Internet users.

You can get information about the availability of a particular official publication in the collections of our library. We will help you find a list of literature on the legal topic of interest (10 titles), provide information on a specific fact or event in the field of law. In addition, we can provide a response containing the text of the document that can be ordered through the Electronic Document Delivery Service (EDD).

The employees of the official documents department will answer your questions. Answers are formed using information resources of the library and the Internet. Requests are accepted in the Belarusian and the Russian languages daily and are executed in the order they are received within two working days.

In case you want to independently find the necessary information and speed up the time of its receipt, we suggest using:

How to ask a question

Before you ask a question, you need to sign in. After that you get a personal login and password (known only to you), using which you can ask a questionor see your personal archive. For convenience, we send you your login and password to your e-mail. The answer to the question is published on the website in the section «Archive of Completed Requests» and sent to the e-mail entered at registration. The archive of completed requests is available to all users. The personal archive stores the questions asked by you, as well as your personal information. The answer to the question may include:

  • full bibliographic description of the requested document;
  • bibliographic list (10 titles);
  • reference to the source from which the information was obtained;
  • reference to the source of information on the Internet;
  • response containing the text of the document, supplemented by a reference to the source of information that can be ordered through the electronic document delivery service (EDD);
  • negative answer;
  • methodical consultation.

We do not deal with legal tasks and DO NOT provide legal consultations

To ask a question, you need to sign in

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