Virtual legal services / consultations

The section presents websites of free virtual legal services and legal advice.

The Republic of Belarus

Belarusian Virtual Consultation
Free advice of lawyers, auditors, accountants.

Virtual Legal Consultation
Free advice of lawyers on various branches of the law.

Online-consultation of the Belarusian Republican Bar Association

Lawyers of the Belarusian Republican College of Lawyers provide online legal advice on various issues, including criminal law assistance, legal assistance in civil and family matters. All citizens of the Republic of Belarus can ask a lawyer online for free.
Legal consultation online for the provision of free legal assistance under the laws of the Republic of Belarus.

Legal Forum of Belarus
The Legal Forum of Belarus was established by the National Center of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus with the aim of providing users with an interactive platform for communication, information, exchange of experience and opinions (with the participation of specialists in the field of law) on issues related to law, law enforcement practice, and legislative clarification. Visitors of the forum can sign in and ask questions to lawyers in various areas of law. a legal support portal
You can get legal help and a qualified opinion on the issues of interest on the site. The consultants of the site are professional lawyers. The opinions expressed are based on deep theoretical preparation, knowledge of normative legal acts and wide practice.

Legal services in Minsk and Belarus are qualitatively, inexpensively and in the shortest terms provided by experts certified by the Ministry of Justice who have practical experience over 7 years. Legal aid services are available only to legal entities. You can also get free legal advice  by asking questions within the framework of labor, housing, family, civil and administrative law on the site. Language: Russian.

The Republic of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Virtual Consultation
Free advice of lawyers on any issues, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Republican Center of Legal Information of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan
In the section "Question and Answer" free legal advice on various branches of the law is offered.
Free on-line advice of a lawyer on the issues of labor law.

The Russian Federation

Russian Virtual Consultation
Free legal advice on any branches of law of the Russian Federation.

Bar Councils
Free legal advice of advocates and lawyers.

Legal consultation
Free legal advice by phone and online on any subject.
In order to get a free legal advice, it’s necessary to fill out a form or to telephone.


Ukrainian virtual consultation
Free legal advice on various branches of law of Ukraine.

Legal services On-line
The site has a lot of legal information, both for lawyers and all who are interested in Ukrainian legislation. Free legal advice on any issue and on any branch of law of Ukraine is provided.