New edition of the Public Procurement Law

Licensing Innovations

Tax Code: Conceptual Changes

Changes in insurance legislation

Conscription: there are changes

New Law on Regulatory Legal Acts

Changes in the Decree “Concerning Shared Construction of Facilities in the Republic of Belarus”

The concept of ensuring information security of the Republic of Belarus has been adopted

Social protection of citizens affected by the Catastrophe on Chernobyl NPP in the legal acts of the Republic of Belarus

Changes in the procedure of issuance and registration of sick leave


Anti-corruption is one of the main tasks of the government and society

The Republic of Belarus looks forward to building a digital economy

The Decree on the promotion of employment was signed

Novelties in the improvement of control (supervisory) activities

New Decree "On the Development of Entrepreneurship"

Innovations in the development of agroecotourism

Provision & withdrawal of lands procedure is changed once again

Competition law updating

New measures to solve the problem of empty and dilapidated houses are taken in Belarus

Law on protection of consumer rights is changed


The new in the state support of citizens in building (reconstruction) of living quarters

Innovations in the enforcement proceeding of the Republic of Belarus

Improvement of the procedure for regulating of leasing activities

Registration and liquidation of a legal entity: the procedure is changing again

Rules for admission to higher educational institutions have been amended

Improvement of the legislation on the prevention of social dependency

Innovations in regulating the activities of individuals

New benefits for entrepreneurship in rural areas and in small towns

About tax consulting

Novelties in the implementation of craft activities